The Art & Science of Spiritual Midwifery

Midwifery Assistant

Broaden your understanding of the birth process, learning ways to assist a midwife as well as the birthing mother.

Advanced Workshops

For practicing midwives, and students/apprentices who have attended at least 8 deliveries in a home birth or hospital setting.

Neonatal Resuscitation

Receive your “Card of Completion” from the American Academy of Pediatrics/American Heart Association Neonatal Resuscitation Program.

Other Workshops

Working with Herbs - Common Sense and Tradition - Kinesiology - Red Cross CPR-PR - Birthworkers Retreat

2015 Workshop Calendar

Classes and retreats for midwife assistant students, practicing midwives, beginning midwifery students, doulas and labor and delivery nurses.

We strive to teach the skills and knowledge you will need to make the birthing environment safe, pleasant and responsive to the needs of women and babies.


Midwifery Assistant
March 8-14, 2015

April 26 - May 2, 2015
Aug. 2-8, 2015
August 23-29, 2015
Nov. 8-14, 2015
Common Sense & Tradition - an Advanced Workshop
May 24-29, 2015
Advanced Midwifery
June 14-19, 2015
Neonatal Resuscitation
Nov. 16-17, 2015
Herb Workshop
May 21-23, 2015
Kinesiology Workshop

Nov. 6-7, 2015
Growing Healthy Families: Using Kinesiology for Healthy Pregnancy and Parenthood

Develop Your Skills!


Cultural Competency Workshop

Being sensitive to the beliefs and practices surrounding birth of the many different cultures within our society is an important proficiency that every birth worker should have in their skill set.

Breast Feeding Consultant

As essential component of postpartum care is helping the new mother establish confidence and comfort with breast feeding their baby.

Anatomy and Physiology

The Midwife assistant should have thorough knowledge and a complete understanding of the physical science behind the birthing process.

Continuing Education Credits

Our Advanced Midwifery Workshops can help you attain CEU's necessary for keeping your license up to date.

The workshops Common Sense and Tradition: Workshop for Midwives, The Advanced Midwifery Workshop and the Herb Workshop have applied for Continuing Education Units from Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council (MEAC) and/or from American College of Nurse Midwives (ACNM) .