Advanced Midwifery Workshop
August 23-29, 2015

Continuing education units have been awarded by Midwifery Education and Accreditation Council (MEAC).

This workshop is for practicing midwives, midwife students who have completed at least one year of apprenticeship/schooling and have attended at least 8 deliveries, or midwife students who have completed a Midwifery Assistant workshop, and have attended at least 8 deliveries in a home birth or hospital setting.

Please contact us for a complete schedule/curriculum.
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  This workshop now includes the following classes:  
  • Introduction to phlebotomy*

  • Pelvic exams, pap smears, wet mounts*

  • Placing a urinary catheter; reasons for procedure, and technique*

  • Suturing: we will discuss and practice on a model several new technique's for suturing that decreases discomfort for the mother and aids in healing.*

  • Discussion on active labor: We will address ways to deliver the head and shoulders of the baby over an intact perineum, as well as discuss methods to resolve a shoulder dystocia.

clinic group outside
On nice days, classes are often held outside.
In the background: The Farm Midwifery Center and Clinic.
  • Cultural Competency

  • Emergency Issues in Childbirth

  • Discussion and demonstration on breech deliveries*

  • Amish Birthing Traditions: tour of the Ethridge Amish Community, and a visit with a traditional Amish midwife

  • Watsu: water massage for pregnant women*

  • History of The Farm Midwifery Center

    * Hands-on class

    Suggested Reading for Advanced Workshop

  • Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery (PSG) by Pam Weaver and Sharon Evans
$80.00 plus p/h
  • A Book for Midwives by Susan Klein - read section on suturing
$40.00 plus p/h
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth by Ina May Gaskin- read before class but optional to bring
$18.00 plus p/h
  • Spiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin- read before class but optional to bring
$20.00 plus p/h
  • Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding by Ina May Gaskin- read before class but optional to bring
$18.00 plus p/h
  • You may order the above books from us. Postage and handling in the U.S.:    
    1 book = $10.00  book rate;          add $4.00 for each additional book

Additional Suggested Reading List

  • Healing Passage: A Midwife’s Guide to the Care and repair of the tissues Involved in Birth   by Anne Frye
    (this one you need for class)
  • Understanding Diagnostic Tests in the Childbearing Year, by Anne Frye
  • Heart and Hands, by Elizabeth Davis
  • Myles Textbook for Midwives, 12th ed.  By Ruth Bennett and Linda Brown, Churchill Livingstone Pub. 1999
  • After the Baby’s Birth by Robin Lim

6-day Advanced Midwifery Workshop
$1165 - Register Now
See registration application for information about our cash discount.

This includes all classes and CEU fees, the lab/supplies fee and two meals a day, breakfast and supper.

The Farm Store provides a variety of foods, salads and homemade soups for lunches.
Lunch prices vary between $8 and $16 depending on what you purchase.
Supper will be a delicious home cooked vegetarian meal every night.

Accommodations are available within our community. See our “Accommodations” page.

Dates: August 23-29, 2015




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