Student Comments

Group 5“I loved the sense of community around all that we did and the opportunity to meet and learn form some of the most skilled midwives in the world as well as from fellow students from all walks and traditions of life.”

“I liked how in depth the content was.”

“I am a doctor and though I knew some of the material would be repetitive for me in the Midwife Assistant Workshop, I learned things that I was not taught in medical school. Thank you so much for filling in the blanks.”

“I love the caring compassionate, non-judgmental nature of the midwives’ teaching.”

“Being there with all the women and learning and sharing together was amazing and inspiring to me.

The hands on classes were great, brilliant and really rewarding.

This workshop was really affirming for me. I learned some good tricks and tips even though I am already a midwife. That’s what midwifery is about. There is always something new to learn.

“This workshop and the midwives’ stories inspired me in ways I never imagined.

“The workshop was excellent with so much great information, perspective, research, resources and discussion. I think the way the information was presented with facts, experience and stories was great. Thank you.

“There is a lovely warm and welcoming atmosphere here and I feel like I learned a huge amount. It felt also very rejuvenating to spend time in this community of women.

“The learning environment was comfortable and inspirational.”

“The hands-on examples and instruction were so helpful.”

“I liked the warm, kind, knowledgeable instructors, and the skills hands-on practice was so valuable.”

“I really appreciated hearing what the midwives had to say about their practices and here their stories.”

“I thought all the instructors were excellent. I liked that there was hands on practice.”

“I loved the fellowship and camaraderie with the other students.”
“Thanks to the midwives for creating a peaceful and calm environment in which to learn.”

“From the very bottom of my heart I want to thank you all. This was a life changing experience for me and I cannot even believe how much my heart has grown this last week.”

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