Food and Meals

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Lunches are available from The Farm Store.

Breakfasts include a hot entrée, fruit, granola, breakfast breads, eggs, coffee, tea, and dairy or non-dairy options for milk, cream cheese, and creamer.

Lunches are not included in workshop packages. Students often purchase lunch from The Farm Store, about 1 mile from the Community Center, where classes are held. The Farm Store provides a variety of foods, including sandwiches, salads and homemade soups for lunches.

Dinners are included with most workshops, served Sunday through Friday evenings.

Meals are often prepared by long-time Farm chefs Roberta Kachinsky and Ramona Christopherson. Roberta and Ramona operate The Vegi Deli, which provides a wide variety of prepared dishes, breads, and even full meals for the community. They have a long history of preparing meals for conferences, community dinners, and even for festivals on The Farm with over 1000 people.

Typical reviews of these meals by the participants include:

“The food was fantastic! It was a very nice addition to have the dinners provided. It made the evenings flow nicely”.

“The food was new for me, but very good”.

“It was excellent and very filling. I had my reserves about vegan diet, but I felt complete and very full everyday”.

The food was “wonderful, marvelous, delicious, beautiful, inspired, nourishing and plentiful”.

The Farm is known around the world for its vegetarian and vegan dishes, with many of the recipes available in cookbooks from the community’s Book Publishing Company.

Please contact us about allergies or special dietary needs.

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