Learn to be a Midwife Assistant

The Midwifery Assistant Workshop is an introductory workshop in which we introduce the skills and knowledge you will need to assist a practicing midwife to make the birthing environment safe, pleasant and responsive to the needs of women and babies.

This workshop will give you some insight and hands-on practice into some important midwife assistant skills whether you plan to become a midwife assistant, or continue your midwifery studies in a formalized midwifery school.

If you are already a doula, this workshop will broaden your understanding of the birth process and will inform you of ways to assist a midwife as well as the birthing mother.


Midwifery Assistant Workshop Calendar

  • April 28- May 4, 2019
  • May 19- 25, 2019
  • Sept 8-14, 2019
 This workshop now includes the following classes:
  • What is expected of a Midwife Assistant, including a review of birth kit supplies, setup and use.
  • Bloodborn pathogens and universal precautions.
  • Basic sterile technique; keeping the birth environment clean.
  • The Mysteries of Female Reproduction; pregnancy, labor and delivery and the hormones involved. We will address the safety issues around the use of ultrasound.
  • Introduction to pelvimetry and anatomy of the pelvis; dilation checks with model.
  • Introduction to charting; record keeping and medical terminology.
  • Introduction to midwifery assistant skills: blood pressure, pulse, and temperature.
  • Monitoring fetal heart tones.
  • The Midwife Assistant’s role during delivery, and immediate postpartum; care of baby and mother.
  • Introduction to care and assessment of the newborn.
  • Helping the breast-feeding mother.
  • Cultural Competency; practicing humility in caring for women and babies
  • Spiritual Elements of Midwifery
  • History of The Farm Midwifery Center.
  • Prenatal testing of hematocrit and urine.
  • Oxygen setup and use.
  • Teen Pregnancy; how to help in today’s world
  • NARM: North American Registry of Midwives: history and information.

Optional classes to be held after regular class ends one day during the workshop.

  • Breast and Belly Casting $40 to be paid to instructor
  • Watsu, in-water message weather permitting $40 to be paid to instructor
  • Cedar wood sweat lodge by the creek $40/group rate

palpatationBook List for Midwifery Assistant Workshops (read assigned sections before class / bring with you)

  • A Book for Midwives, by Susan Klein                                                                                  $40.00 plus p/h

The following books are optional, however if possible, we recommend reading them before you attend our class.

  • Practical Skills Guide for Midwifery (PSG), by Pam Weaver and Sharon Evans       $90.00 plus p/h
  • Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth, by Ina May Gaskin                                                           $18.00 plus p/h
  • Ina May’s Guide to Breastfeeding, by Ina May Gaskin                                                     $18.00 plus p/h
  • Spiritual Midwifery, by Ina May Gaskin                                                                             $18.00 plus p/h
  • Birth Matters: A midwife’s manifesta, by Ina May Gaskin                                              $20.00 plus p/h

Ordering Information
You may order the above books from us at:
Farm Midwifery Workshops – P.O. Box 217 – Summertown TN 38483

Postage and handling in the U.S.:
1 book = $13.00 add $4.00 for each additional book


This Textbook of Neonatal Resuscitation, 7th Edition book is necessary only if you are taking the NRP class.

If you intend to take the NRP class, please visit our NRP Workshop page for complete information.


6-day Midwifery Assistant Workshops
$1,375 – Register Now

This includes all classes and materials fees, handouts, a 3-ring binder, and two meals a day, breakfast and supper. Fee does not include your books. Contact us for a reading list.

Breakfasts include a hot entrée, fruit, granola, breakfast breads, eggs, coffee, tea, and dairy or non-dairy options for milk, cream cheese, and creamer.

The Farm Store provides a variety of foods, salads and homemade soups for lunches.
Lunch prices vary from $8 to $16 depending on what you purchase.

Supper will be a delicious home cooked vegetarian meal every night.

Accommodations are available within our community.
See our “Accommodations” page.

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