Our History

The Caravan

The first deliveries by the women who would become The Farm Midwives took place during a tour of the U.S. known as The Caravan.

The Caravan left San Francisco with 40 school buses and over 200 people in 1970, spreading a message of peace, love and alternative lifestyle choices, including home birth.

After arriving in Tennessee, the midwives received instruction and training from a friendly country doctor named Dr. Williams.

Spiritual MidwiferyspM-book-400

The agreement on The Farm Community was that birth was a holy sacrament that belongs to the family, with a belief that birth is a natural process best performed at home surrounded by family and supportive midwives.

The stories from the mothers on The Farm were collected and published in the best selling book, Spiritual Midwifery, first released in 1975. Translated into 12 languages, its collection of birth stories from women on The Farm have inspired countless midwives and mothers around the world.

In addition to the stories, the book also contains detailed information and instruction on the birth process and techniques for home delivery.

The Farm Midwifery Center first began offering educational workshops through annual midwifery conferences. The week long classes and trainings began in 1995. Since that time over 1000 people from around the world, including both lay midwives and nurses, doctors and medical professionals, have come to The Farm Midwifery Center to learn about its unique outlook on childbirth.

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