Birthworkers Retreat
May 15-18, 2015

A weekend to celebrate all those called
in service to mothers, babies, and the miracle of birth.

For midwives, their assistants, apprentices and doulas

A collaboration of The Farm Midwifery Workshops and GreenLife Retreats.

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The Birthworkers Retreat has been created as a weekend of sharing and networking, teaching and learning, reflection and empowerment.

Our goal is to bring forth energy and rejuvenation, inspiration and sacred experience.

We invite you to attend what we hope will be the first of many retreats that honor those of us who have chosen this very special path.

Grandmothers, mothers, daughters...
Sisters who share a special bond.

The journey of the birthworker is so much more than a profession. To be a Birthworker is truly to heed a calling.

It is the essence of who we are as women.


birth workers
This weekend schedule includes:  

Friday Evening

5 PM Opening Circle

6 PM Dinner

7 PM A History of The Farm, highlighting the strengths and contributions of women in the creation and development of our community.

From the very beginning, the women of The Farm took on vital roles of responsibility.

Early on it was recognized that the standard of care established by the midwives went beyond birth and extended to the health and vitality of every member of the community. Women made up the majority of the clinic staff, which included a lab, pharmacy and 24 hour ambulance service.

Women did construction and worked on the farming crew, managed the community's finances, served on governing councils, and were encouraged to develop technical skills and careers.


women gardeners and farmers

Saturday Morning

7 AM - Yoga, the perfect way to start the day!

8 AM - Breakfast


9 AM - A tour of The Farm Community and Midwifery Center

In addition to a stop by The Farm Midwifery Center, the tour will also provide an inside look at several of the houses and cabins used for deliveries.

We'll also have the opportunity to see some of the innovative energy efficient homes, community gardens and the Ecovillage Training Center.

12 Noon - Lunch

birthing house

Saturday Afternoon Workshops

The afternoon will include workshops presented by Farm Midwives Pamela Hunt and Deborah Flowers. *

*Subject to availability - They may be called to a birth!

Pamela Hunt is one of the original founders of The Farm Community. One of her children was born on the journey from San Francisco to Tennessee.

This led her to become one of the first Farm Midwives and a health care provider for the community's clinic.

Pamela is the administrator of The Farm Midwifery Workshops.

More about Pamela

Pamela's birth story from Spiritual Midwifery


Pamela Hunt

Deborah Flowers joined The Farm Community in 1973 and began her midwife apprenticeship in 1983.

In the 1970's Deborah served as a lab technician at The Farm Clinic and for Plenty International, spending two years in Guatemala as part of relief efforts following a devastating earthquake.

In 2000 Deborah spent 7 months in Belize leading a program for UNICEF and Plenty International, training Mayan woman from over a dozen villages in midwifery skills and women's health.

More about Deborah's Guatemala experience

Deborah and the Midwifery training in Belize

Deborah's birth story from Spiritual Midwifery

deborah flowers

Also joining us as your host throughout the weekend will be Sara Rosser.

Sara is a doula and a midwifery apprentice to Deborah and Pamela.


Saturday Evening

Saturday evening will feature a variety of entertainment and activities. Stay tuned for more!


Sunday will have many options, something for everyone!

After breakfast participants can join members of The Farm Community for a silent mediation.

There will be a screening of several videos, including the award winning film Birth Story, and Spiritual Midwifery, produced on The Farm by Village Media.

Sunday afternoon those seeking a deeper connection with nature can partake in a 2-3 hour hike to the 1400 acre Big Swan Headwaters Preserve, established by Swan Conservation Trust, a nonprofit founded by members of The Farm Community.

This nature preserve surrounds The Farm and helps to establish the aura of peace that can be felt throughout the community.

swan trust

Join us for what will assuredly be a very special weekend!



Birthworkers Retreat
Dates: May 15-18, 2015
$350, Groups of three or more $325 - Register Online Now

$25 from every registration for this event will be donated to The Farm Midwifery Center Building Improvements Fund.

Mail checks to:

GreenLife Retreats
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This fee includes all tours, workshops and vegetarian meals. Camping is included but dorm and private accommodations are available. Because this a three day event, rates for dorms and accommodations are slightly higher that for the 7 day midwifery workshops. Please contact event coordinator for GreenLife Retreats, Douglas Stevenson to make arrangements for dorm or private lodging.

Please contact Douglas ( with any questions or for more information about the Birthworkers Retreat weekend. Douglas is the owner/organizer of GreenLife Retreats, host of The Farm Experience Weekend, author of Out to Change the World and The Farm Then and Now, on the board of Swan Conservation Trust, producer of the film Spiritual Midwifery, and husband of Farm midwife Deborah Flowers.

Douglas Stevenson
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